Monoliths Mario World 3

This is one of the best Super Mario World flash remakes that I have played. It has the catchy theme music and practically the same gameplay as Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. You are a on a quest to save the Princess from Bowser. This game is sure to bring back a lot of ancient memories for gamers that grew up with Super Mario World and Monoliths Mario World 3 does just that.

Monoliths Mario World 3 Instructions
Arrow Keys – Move Mario
Spacebar – pause
Run – A
Jump – S

Objective of Monoliths Mario World 3
Find and defeat Bowser and bring back the Princess.

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1 Comment on Monoliths Mario World 3

  1. Scott says:

    I like super mario world and super mario land but this is okay. Make a super mario bros remake next time!