NES Mouse

The NES Mouse is just a regular PC mouse with an NES feel. With the A and B button acting as left and right click, This mouse features no scroll wheel, and a side navigation direction pad on the side of the mouse, this mouse isn’t the most comfortable device but it’s sure to be [...]

NES Flip Flops

Do you want go to the beach but don’t know what to wear? Well, Look no further than these NES flip flops. These NES flip flops would look great if you were strolling on the beach, enjoying your favorite summer time activity, or even around in your daily activities in these NES flip flops and [...]

Lego Link

Lego Link set to do battle in Hyrule. Since its inception with “The Legend of Zelda” in 1986, The Legend of Zelda series has grown to one of the most popular games for Nintendo ever. Team up with Link as he saves Princess Zelda and rescues Hyrule once and for all…lego style!

Evolution of Bowser

Here’s a timeline showing the Evolution of Bowser over the years at Nintendo. This timeline starts with Bowser in his first apperance in Super Mario Bros dating back to 1985 and ends up with his most current role as the main bad guy in Super Smash Bros Brawl. As you can see, the transformation of [...]

Nintendo DS cake

Here is a fancy cake that resembles the Nintendo DS. Who wouldn’t like a slice of Nintendo DS cake?