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We have put together a large variety of Mario sprites from his days prior to the NES all the way up to current Mario. These sprites can be used to develop flash games based off of the most famous Brooklyn plumber or you can print these sprites and cut them out to make various Mario-themed items.

If there are sprites of Mario that you don’t see and that you want, please let us know and we will try to get the sprites for you.

What is a sprite?
A sprite is a computer graphic that from a two-dimensional(2-D) environment that can be placed into a bigger scene. Sprites in their infancy were invented as a way to quickly composite several images together in video games using special hardware. There were used to put gaming characters in various positions. For example, every movement that Mario made, a sprite was used. If Mario was jumping, a certain graphic was placed onto the video game background to make it look like Mario was jumping. The same goes if Mario was standing still. Now, if Mario was walking, most of the time 2 sprites were used in this instance. Below is an example of some of the Mario Sprites used in Super Mario Bros 3.

About Sprites and Technology
Spires were a mainstay in computer graphics for a lot of the 2D games that dominated the 1990s. Technology improved and so did performance. Figures were generating and by either custom hardware or by software by itself, they were referred to as sprites. Throughout the years, the whole processes has evolved and made an impact in video gaming as we see it today.

It wasn’t until the release of the Nintendo 64 that sprites were a thing of the past.

Mario Sprites Showcase




  • Super Mario World Sprites
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island Sprites
  • Super Mario Kart Sprites

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