Super Mario Flash

You must get through all the grueling levels and rescue the Princess from the Evil King Bowser in Super Mario Flash. The author of this game took all of the great elements from Super Mario Bros and jam packed them into a flash game for all of us to enjoy. Help Mario and Luigi in the quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom!

Super Mario Flash Instructions
Click the 1 Player Game to start playing Super Mario Flash
To Jump, press the UP arrow on the keyboard
To walk in both directions with LEFT and RIGHT arrows
Press the spacebar to throw fireballs

Objective of Super Mario Flash
To defeat the evil King Bowser and his enemies get to you and save the Princess in the process. It’s the same objective as over 95% of Super Mario games ;)

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3 Comments on Super Mario Flash

  1. nate says:

    i wished people would comment some codes for cool levels

  2. bob says:

    hold c and h at the menu and click options.

  3. phlarentinianiolia says:

    I believe, that the level editor no longer works…