Evolution of Ness

evolution of ness

Here’s the Evolution of Ness at Nintendo for the past 15 years. Over this time period, it shows Ness in his Nintendo debut in Earthbound for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) all the way to his current state in Super Smash Bros: Brawl for the Nintendo Wii.

In 1994, Nintendo, APE and Halken got together to produced a Role Playing Game (RPG) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES). At the time, Nintendo hardly produced any RPG games at all. SquareSoft was the company that was widely known for producing RPGs such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and more. EarthBound, as the game would later be called, is a war against Giygas to save the planet.

EarthBound features lots of dialog with pretty cool sound for a Super Nintendo game. This is not your typical game where you fight dragons, beasts, and deamons. Ness is asleep and hears a loud crash outside his room. As Ness investigates, he finds out a meteor that has crash landed outside his out. He then discovers the meteor has life on it. Buzz Buzz, which is a bee that was in the meteor, warns Ness of an alien invasion of Giygas and his plot to conquer Earth. Pokey, who is Ness’s neighbor, is a character that acts like he is your best friend, but as you will find out, he turns on you and is on the side of Giygas.

As Ness starts out on his journey, he first has to save his hometown of Onett. After saving Onett, Ness will travel to other areas and meet friends along that way that he will discover has special powers and provide to be useful to Ness in his quest to save the planet. Paula, Jeff, and Poo, with each having there own special abilities, will aid Ness on his quest to defeat Giygas and save planet Earth.

FUN FACTS: This game was released in Japan with the name “Mother”

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