Infinite Mario Bros

Press S to Start Playing Infinite Mario Bros

Infinite Mario Bros is a cool flash Mario game. You are Mario and you get power-ups and get as far as you can. Mario graphics resemble Super Mario Bros 3 but the world resembles Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. Nice touch by the developers for this game.

Infinite Mario Bros Instructions
Move with the arrow keys on the keyboard
Press S key on your keyboard to jump

Objective of Infinite Mario Bros
Get as far as you can in this Mario Bros + Super Mario World game. Don’t let the Kooopas or Goombas get you!

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4 Comments on Infinite Mario Bros

  1. It sounds like an interesting game and all, but one small question… where do you download/play the game?  I can find all these links to various blogs and stuff about it, and you give decent info on what it’s like, but I just can’t find a link to actually play the game.  Wouldn’t that be something the article should definitely provide?

  2. PimpMyNintendo says:

    Hey man, thanks for letting me know about this.  I made a mistake in adding the Infinite Mario Bros game to the site.  The problem is now fixed so you can now play the game.

  3. Aaron says:

    I love this game! My favorite out of all the ones online.

  4. Evgeny says:

    what the heck ?
    This Game gives you fire flowers as candy