Mario Party Commercial

Mario Party features a lot of characters from Nintendo in a board game setting where you roll dice and see how far ahead you can get. The cool party is that when you land on special squares that are dominate on the board, you access special areas and mini games that you and your friends [...]

Gauntlet Legends N64 Commercial

Gauntlet Legends is game where a young mage named Garm calls upon Skorne who is a demon that imprisons Garm in the Underworld. Skorne know that the only thing that can defeat him is the power of the Runestones, so he scatters the stones across the universe and guards them with a beast. You must [...]

All-Star Baseball 99 N64 commercial

Larry Walker knows what it takes to be an all-star. Hitting, fielding, base-running. He was the marque player in All-Star baseball 99 for the Nintendo 64. This game allowed up to 4 players to play in the same baseball game at once. It even used the rumble pack, for example, when the player hit the [...]

WCW vs NWO World Tour N64 commercial

Back in 1997, the WCW was going through some tough times which divied the WCW into a new organization called the NWO. This was the video game made by THQ for the Nintendo 64 so players could join in the fun of picking a wreslter from the WCW or the NWO in their own video [...]

Zero In Mario World

Zero is in Mario World and doesn’t know how he got there. He is equipped with his powers so it should be a cinch getting out right? Zero doesn’t have the ability to jump in this game which makes it that much more difficult. He does have his standard attack abilities which are very powerful [...]

Luigi Vlax

In this awesome game by Nick Kouvaris, You are Luigi and you have to complete mini stages to move on to the next area. Sounds simple right? wrong. You have to time your jumps and be able to think before your enemies hit you. This is more like a Luigi puzzle game. I think it’s [...]

Toy Story 2 Commercial

“Wouldn’t it be cool to be Buzz Lightyear? Now you can be Buzz in the new Toy Story 2 video game.” In this game, you are Buzz Lightyear. You get to shoot lasers and take care of the bad guys to save the day in this Nintendo 64 game. Woody is kidnapped by Al McWiggin [...]

The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction Commercial

The Powerpuff Girls starred in their own video game for the Nintendo 64 when it was released back in 2001. They have to battle enemies in order to stop Mojo Jojo and get back the Chemical X before it’s too late. Join Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup along with Professor Utonium to see if they are [...]

Shadow Man N64 commercial

Here’s a spooky commercial from the N64 game Shadow Man just in time to get you ready for Halloween. Michael LeRoi, a warrior who is a master of voodoo is now a slave, the price he paid for protection to save his life. He is now implanted with the Mask of Shadows which gives him [...]

Zelda 64 Mini-Games

It’s time for Link to rescue Princess Zelda! Well..not just yet. Now you can play a remake of your favorite Zelda 64 mini games. The games include Bulls-eye, Cucco Hunt, Rupees!! and Kill Navi. Each one of these games has a different objective. This is a great collection of mini games for any Zelda fan. [...]