Resident Evil 2 N64 Commercial

Merry Christmas everyone! “Lock the door! Turn out the lights! Pretend it’s just a nightmare! The most intense survival game ever created. Resident Evil 2 now for Nintendo 64.” This Nintendo 64 commercial definitely doesn’t bring out the holiday cheer. This is an advertisement that was for Resident Evil 2 that was released for the [...]

Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness Commercial

“When we made the new ms. pac-man maze madness, first we needed a maze. Not a lame maze, yeah thats it, and not just one maze, 180 of them with lots of bonus rounds, gems to find and a princess to save.” This is a unique Ms. Pac-Man game thats in 3-D for the Nintendo [...]

Super Mario Bros 3 Fingernails

Check out these awesome Super Mario Bros 3 fingernails. I have no idea how this girl can pay so much attention to detail when styling her nails like this. She sure is a professional and is inspired by Super Mario Bros 3. To see more of her creations, go ahead and take a look at [...]

Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes Commercial

Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes is a game released by Nintendo for the N64. You are Sarge and you have to destroy the portals thats allow the Tan Army to go the real world to get weapons and put and end to what Plastro is doing. This is a pretty good game that uses creativity. Where [...]

N64 Cross Dressing Commercial

This Nintendo 64 commercial that was used by Nintendo to help spark customer interest in the N64 shows what lengths people are willing to go to just to play it. I thought this was a real good commercial by Nintendo. “Son, life isn’t all about money, Nah, family, health, happiness… those are the important things. [...]

Lego DSi

Check out this Lego DSi. Its a full-blown life-sized work of art. I’m sure it took hours to make this Nintendo marvel. Just imagine laying this out piece-by-piece with Legos. Thats exactly what Sean Kenney did when he set out to make this Lego DSi. I was amazed at the detail that he went into [...]

Turok Rage Wars Commercial

Turok was your classic first person shooter that also allowed you to go toe-to-toe against others in multi-player mode. The game is set in a jungle environment and you also can get a wide variety of cool weapons. Capture the Flag in my opinion was the best feature of this game. You can pick form [...]

Pokemon Gold and Silver GBC Commercial

Pokemon Gold and Silver edition was released by Nintendo during the Pokemon craze in America. It was released for Game Boy Color in 2000. The great part about this game was it introduced over 100 new Pokemon for you to catch and collect, each with new special powers. Do you think you can catch ‘em [...]

Tony Hawk Pro Skater Commercial

Tony Hawk Pro Skater is a skateboarding game for the Nintendo 64. On the N64 version, the game was rated E unlike the other Pro Skater games for other systems since the blood was removed from the game. Not sure why blood needs to be in a skateboarding video game anyway. You are able to [...]

Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition Preview

Super Mario All-Stars is back and this time, it’s for the Wii and it’s better than ever. You are still able to play the original Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3 and even the Lost Levels just like the Super Nintendo version. You again get to experience four of Mario’s [...]