Banana Barrage

Banana Barrage is a cool video game starring everyone’s favorite primate, Donkey Kong. You just can’t use brute-strength in this game to win. You have to select how much power you want to use to throw the bananas into the barrels and you have to pick the right direction. Banana Barrage Instructions Use the arrow [...]

Super Mario Boat Bonanza

Guide Mario in his boat to get the most coins and mushrooms as possible. Let’s see how long you can survive in this Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island mini game. I thought this game was pretty cool and well thought out. A very good idea to make a boat bonanza game staring the one, [...]

Super Mario Bros Furniture Set

This is a Super Mario Bros Furniture set that was released in Japan. Although Mario, Toad, Princess, or the green Koopa shell doesn’t come with the furniture set, the desk, chair, coat rack, rug and close-away closet certainly does. The chair has Mario’s stitched into the fabric as does the Super Mario rug This furniture [...]

Mario vs Luigi

In Mario vs Luigi, Luigi is trying to run away from Mario. He is willing to throw shells at Mario to stop him from catching Luigi. Since Mario and Luigi have similar abilities, the only way you are going to be able to gain ground on Luigi is by eating the mushrooms that he throws [...]

Yoshi’s Cookie Coaster

Yoshi’s Cookie was a pretty cool puzzle game release by Nintendo. It was released for the Game Boy, NES, Super Nintendo and eventually the Wii Virtual Console. Mario has to match the cookies to get them off the screen before they stack up to the top. Yoshi is pretty hungry so when Mario matches cookies, [...]

Super Mario Tag Your Friends

Here’s a picture that you can upload to Facebook to tag your friends. Which friend will be Bowser and which one will be Super Mario? That’s for you to decide. Just save this picture to your computer and upload it to your Facebook account and tag away. This Super Mario tag your friends picture has [...]

Donkey Kong Blanket

Now here is a blanket that you can use to keep you warm on these long winter gaming months. Donkey Kong is displayed here in his finest trying to keep Mario away from the Princess. I remember watching my friend playing Donkey Kong successfully at the arcade. I myself wasn’t very good at it and [...]

Sewing Super Mario

Sewing Super Mario is a game targeted for females who want to learn how to stitch online. Sounds weird but all you have to do is select one of 6 patterns and click on them. 2 of them are easy, 2 are medium and the final 2 are more difficult. It’s recommended you start with [...]

Kick Up Goomba

Kick Up Goomba is point and click game where you click on the Goomba and try to keep him in the air as long as you can. The music is kind of catchy but I ended up muting it and listening to my personal collection of tunes when I played this game. The game also [...]

ECW Hardcore Revolution Commercial

ECW Hardcore Revolution was one of the rare games that was actually rated M for the Nintendo 64. I believe only a handful of games that were released for the N64 were rated M. It was a pretty good wrestling game that features acrobatic movies and awesome finishing moves. The cool thing about ECW is [...]