Mario Match

In Mario Match, all you have to do is line up symbols of the faces of the different Mario Bros characters. They include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess and Bowser. You need to move fast because you are on a timer so when you make a move, you need to be thinking about your next move [...]

Mario Miner

Mario Miner is a game where you are Mario and you have to reel in the coins in each level. Of course, its not that easy as you have a time limit and a certain score you must obtain before the timer reaches zero. You can also throw a bomb, increase your grabbing speed and [...]

1920′s Mario

Here’s Mario in a 1920′s setting dodging barrels that are being thrown at him by Donkey Kong. The princess isn’t in sight but I bet you thought that the earliest Mario was running away from barrels was 1980 with the release of the Donkey Kong game. Looks like Mario was trying to avoid them even [...]

Steampunk Super Mario Galaxy

Here’s a pretty cool picture of a steampunk Super Mario Galaxy. Mario is at it again to save the Princess from Bowser in outer space. This time, Mario meets up with new partners and tries to end Bowser’s reign of terror on Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. This was the game that came [...]

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Boo!

Here is a shirt that has everyones favorite Super Mario ghost on it, Boo! Boo has presented a challenge for Mario during his tenure in video games. Boo tends to come at Mario when he is not looking at him and when Mario does look at him, Boo covers his eyes and pretends that Mario [...]

Mario Tower Coins

You are Mario and you need maneuver past the bad guys to collect the coins. Once you collect all the coins in the level, you will advance to the next level. You have to collect the coins to escape the tower that you are in. Mario Tower Coins Instructions Left arrow – Move left Right [...]

Mario Town 2

Bowser is back again trying to ruin Mario Town again, only this time, he has a more sinister plot. Can Mario stop him in time to save Mario Town again? You have to get the coins in each level and reach the end to pass. You also can play a set of mini games including [...]

Mario vs Boo

Mario vs Boo is a game where you are Mario and you must avoid the fireballs that Boo spits at you. You also have the power to throw fireballs so you can retaliate against Boo and give him a dose of his own medicine. Dodge the fireballs and try to hit Boo with your own [...]

The Plumbers Wardrobe

Ever wonder when Mario wakes up in the morning what he is thinking about? How about what to wear? This picture shows a good bit of the outfits that Mario has worn since 1985. Super Mario has worn a lot of outfits in his days at Nintendo so lets ask the question.. Which outfit will [...]

Mario Cave

In Mario Cave, it’s all up to Mario to rescue Luigi. He’s trapped at the bottom of the cave and the only way to rescue him is to defeat the bad guys that stand in the way. Take your time because these cave-dwelling enemies are harder to beat than your regular Super Mario Bros ones. [...]