Super Mario Star Scramble 2

Super Mario Bros Star Scramble 2 is the sequel to Super Mario Star Scramble. You are Mario and you have to get the stars in each level and not get hit by an enemy. You don’t have any power-ups like mushrooms or fire plants that give you special abilities so if you get hit once, [...]

Mario M.D.

Here is what Mario would look like if he were the main character on the hit Fox show House M.D. A fan made this picture that resembles Mario. We know this isn’t Dr Mario since he looks completely different that this one. Dr. Mario had the white lab coat and let you match the ends [...]

Letters To Princess

Here is a video tribute to the Princess. Luigi, Toad and Bowser each have written a letter to the Princess expressing their feelings towards her and why they can’t be the one she wants. It’s a very good video. Special shout out goes to Anthony Petix for sending in this video for us to post [...]

Super Chick Sisters

Colonel Sanders has kidnapped Pamela Anderson. It’s up to Nugget and Chickette to rescue her in this Mario bros themed game. Travel and stop Colonel Sanders and jump on enemies heads to defeat them. Super Chick Sisters Instructions Arrows move Nugget or Chickette. Up arrow is jump, climb and breaks blocks Esc pauses the game. [...]

Super Mafia Land

Super Mafia Land is a great Super Mario Land 2 clone. This flash game allows you to choose from different Mario-themed clones that include Giuseppe, Bruno, and Maria. Once you pick your character, you can use their strengths to your advantage. The game-play on this flash-game is excellent. Super Mafia Land has a very high [...]

Super Mario Bros Star Scramble

Super Mario Bros Star Scramble is a Mario flash game where you are the famous Brooklyn plumber and you have to get all of the stars in each of the 10 areas before your time runs out. The game play was a little shaky and it took some time to get used to. The game [...]

Nintendo Thumb

Heath McNease sent me an email and asked us to feature his “Nintendo Thumb” music video. I couldn’t resist. I checked it out and I thought his work was unique and great. Heath raps about Nintendo and travels 300 days a year doing different shows. This guy is the real deal. Check out Heath McNease [...]

Hardest Mario

Hardest Mario is actually a pretty hard Mario flash game. There are a lot of different enemies that are not there in the NES version of Super Mario Bros. Be careful! You have to dodge the enemies and make it to the end like any other Mario game but there are weird Japanese symbols in [...]

Mario Jump

In Mario Jump, all you do is jump with Mario and try to avoid being hit by the shell while at the same time, you need to jump on the shell consecutively to keep getting points added up. The more times you can jump on the shell in a row, the higher you can set [...]

Mario Kart Double Flash

Mario Kart Double Flash is a pretty good flash game where you have to race around the track by yourself and get the fastest time that you can. Be sure to avoid the banana peels laying on the road so you don’t slip and get a bad lap time. It’s just you on the race [...]