Contra Speed Run NES

Contra was one of the most popular games ever released for the NES. It is known for its difficulty. Here is a speed run by YouTube user Toad22484 that shows how you can defeat Contra easily with this speed run. Use this video to help you get past the difficult areas in Contra

I Can’t Defeat Airman

This is great music video that shows one gamers problem with Mega Man as he keeps trying again and again to defeat Air Man. He just can’t get past him as Air Man keeps using his tornado to blow him away. I hope this player can figure out how to defeat Air Man.

Monoliths Mario World 3

This is one of the best Super Mario World flash remakes that I have played. It has the catchy theme music and practically the same gameplay as Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. You are a on a quest to save the Princess from Bowser. This game is sure to bring back a lot [...]

Peach’s Pitch

You are Princess Peach and now it’s your turn to save the land. With your umbrella to keep you afloat, glide through the air and take care of the shy guys who are trying to take you down. This game also has mini bosses in it that you need to defeat to advance to the [...]

Kain’t Moov Nuthin

Heath McNease just sent me an email about his new creation Kain’t Moov Nuthin. It’s one of his music videos that are from the album “Straight Outta Console”. Heath is a very creative Nintendo rapper and is good at what he does. Check it out!

Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 is jammed-packed with more features and new characters. Some of the new characters are Ness and Goku. New stages were added to and allows you to play in Saturn Valley and Jungle Hijinx. It still is a great flash game and allows up to 4 people to battle it out at [...]

Super Mario World Cover Song

SongeLeReveur and Trudbol on YouTube made a cover of the 1991 Super Mario World overworld theme song. Some of gamers might remember this theme song off the top of your head. Just listening to this cover song brings back a lot of memories of playing SMW as a child. Special Thanks to Trudbol for emailing [...]

New Super Mario

Stefania from sent me an email today telling me that he developed a new mario flash game that he wanted me to post. I went ahead and checked it out and I thought he did a pretty good job on this game. It’s call “New Super Mario” and its a great Mario flash game [...]

Mario Ghosthouse

Some of the best areas to play in Super Mario World were the ghosthouses. You had to defeat Boo and move on to the next area. Mario Ghosthouse is a remake of those classic areas in Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. You need to defeat Boo and end his reign of terror. Boo [...]

Yoko Flash Game

Yoko Flash Game is close to a Yoshi game where you have to jump and move along and avoid the enemies. The gameplay on this game is fantastic! I thought it was enetertaining. I only played the first couple of levels so the enemies were not hard to defeat so I’m hoping that as you [...]